15 April, 2009

Bumi Dipijak Milik Orang

Penulis ingin berkongsi kisah yang diceritakan oleh seorang rakyat Singapura bernama Erniceda di dalam blog tersohor – Demi Negara. Penulis menerbitkan semula komen beliau (dengan kebenaran beliau – Terima kasih!) untuk dikongsi oleh kita semua. Semoga dijadikan pedoman di masa hadapan. Baca komen beliau seperti di bawah:

Dear Malaysian Malays,

I am interested to write about the Malays of Singapore in comparison to the Malaysian Malays now. By the way, we still have our Sultan in Singapore, but, he had been reduced to just a mere citizen, nothing more. It is sad, isn’t it? No doubt Raffles bought over Singapore (at just a pittance mind you) from the then Sultan and now, looking at the predicament of the real Tuan Tanahs of Singapore, one wonders if the same fate is going to befall to our fellow brothers and sisters in Malaysia. Wake up please, MELAYU!

Isn’t it enough that you lost Singapore? Batu Puteh? Even right now, our brothers and sisters in Patani are fighting to get their homeland back. There is a lot of bloodshed there; do you all want the same thing to happen in your own Tanah Air Tercinta? To those Malays who have not woken up yet, do you want other people from faraway lands to take control of your Tanah Tumpah Darah and having places like Tamil Nadu and Beijing as their ‘kiblat’? Where is your Malay dignity?

For us in Singapore, the day Malaysia falls to other people other than the Malays, then it is going to be the saddest day for us. Melayu Nusantara akan menangis hiba. No Tanah Melayu means No Melayu. Hilang lah Melayu untuk selamanya. The Chinese have China, the Indians have India, what about the Malays? Bukankah Tanah Melayu ini untuk orang Melayu?

Looking at the brouhaha in Perak whereby a DAP politician recited a Quranic verse, I was not surprised at all. This political party, which is also an arm of PAP in Malaysia used this tactic not without purpose. In fact this is an intelligent way of getting votes from gullible Malay brethrens. Ladies and Gentlemen of Malaysia, Lee Kuan Yew was no different. He speaks fluent Malay and he can write in Jawi better than the Malays themselves. All his children learnt Jawi. It is just that to get to your ‘enemies’, you must camouflage yourself in order to blind them. As I said earlier, some Malays are gullible, easy to “goreng”, maybe due to their lack of education or too much education, they will follow whatever is being told to them by their unscrupulous politicians (of their choice of course). The stupid Malays follow because they want to please their ‘masters’ whereas the ‘clever’ Malays follow because they want to appear liberal and progressive, others are just ‘Pak Turuts’ because they are actually fence sitters without any clear direction.

Yes, I am ‘anak asli Singapura’. I have no attachments with the peninsular as my ‘kampong’ was in Singapore proper. My Malay ancestors used to reside at the mouth of the Kallang River, Singapore, then they went inland, finally they settled at a Malay village at the junction of Geylang Serai/Paya Lebar area. We lived there for awhile till the PAP government decided to develop our ‘kampong’. Then, we had to move to a HDB flat in a self-contained Housing Development Board estate. It was an open secret that this was one of the ways to separate the Malays, so as not to let them to be too strong politically if they were to be grouped together.

Also, I understood later on, at other Malay occupied areas, the dwellers were told that if they would like to stay at the same place, they should have the same kind of dwellings/designs as what the government had so as to “uniformise” the whole area. Get my drift everybody? Naturally, the Malay 'kampong' folks were not able to come up with millions of dollars to develop their area. They were not rich. They had no choice but to leave their 'kampongs'. Once the areas had been developed by the government (or sub contracted to private sectors), the prices would definitely be real sky high and that prevented the Malays to come back to their ‘kampongs’, so wasn’t it like ethnic cleansing, but done in a subtle way? I was told that the Israeli government used this kind of tactic to cleanse its Palestinian population in certain areas of Israel/Palestine. Go figure yourselves Malaysians, who do you think the PAP government asked for advice?

Sorry, I have to stop now ....the clock has struck 12 times already.

To be continued.



...dan baca juga komen beliau seperti di bawah:

Salam Tuanku KijangMas,

To Dot & Phonont,

Thanks. I wrote what I saw, what I felt, what I learnt and what I heard. I am anak Singapura, born and bred in Singapore and proud to be one. I love my country, but at the same time I feel sad when I see that the power that be tries to change the socio-cultural landscape of my island, inhabited by my Malay ancestors long time ago even before the real 'Pendatangs' came in. When I go round my island and realize that some road names have been changed to make it sound and 'look' more Chinese, I feel sick to the stomach.

Once I was passing this Housing Estate called Hougang (a Chinese name with a pinyin spelling) and I saw a big hawker centre with a big lettering which says, Hainan Island Ching Chong Hawker Building or something to that effect, I got boiled down inside. My island has become a seventh heaven for these 'Pendatangs' ...oh, I just could not take it (even symbolic)....Why must put Hainan Island? Why not put something that locals can identify with?

You know I could just keep my mouth shut where Malaysia is concerned, not my country anyway....but, when I read some posts and comments in Malaysian blogsphere that were written by some ignorant bigots and Malay Apologist condemning Melayus, I told myself that I should open my mouth and tell you all of my experience in my own Tanah Air.

I'm definitely sure that DAP gets their tuition from big brother PAP. LKY used Malays to "conquer" the Malays, he used also his own proficiency in the Malay language to 'ambil hati' orang Melayu. Fighting for Malaysian Malaysia at first, but the moment he took over Singapore, there was no such thing as Singaporean Singapore....it was more like Chinese Singapore....Huh, I won't elaborate on things that were "done" to us here ....The result is we feel like we are the 'penumpangs' ..not them....they took over everything ...they talk about meritocracy ...that is BS ...Meritocracy is just a blanket for Chinese hegemony (now, even the Indians have a little bit more of the pie but I can't say the same thing for the Malays).

I've actually read a DAP manifesto online on how to "conquer" Tanah Melayu by 'conquering' the Malays. But, unfortunately I forgot to jot down the url address. Yes, they can get the power if you Melayus in Malaysia let them do it ...DAP is using PKR Melayus/PAS as proxies for their own agenda. After that, it is going to be 'habis manis sepah dibuang'- just like what PAP was/is doing to the Malay MPs/Ministers in Singapore.

Phonont, you asked about the political voice. Well, if you look at the population percentage in Singapore, Malays should have more numbers in Parliament, but unfortunately, it is not the case. We have 1 Indian Senior Minister, 3 Indian Ministers for a population percentage of 8.8%. Consider this, we have 1 Malay Speaker and 1 Malay Minister taking charge of Malay Affairs and Environment for a Malay population of 13.6%. I don't believe that we don't have capable Malays to take care of the country. Mind you, the Environment ministry is the only portfolio that the PAP government is willing to give to a Malay Minister. After a few more years, he will be asked to 'retire' and his post will be 'recycled' to another Malay. He will go back to what he was doing before ....He is not going to be a Minister of Defence nor a Minister of Foreign Affairs for sure....too sensitive lah...But, look at Malaysia's Cabinet .....there are quite a number of Chinese and Indian Ministers/Deputy Ministers. One had insulted the Malays by calling them 'Pendatangs' but still managed to get a portfolio. The thing that intrigue me is that they come from parties that did not do well in the GE. Why put them in when they could not deliver? Should put those Bumis from Sabah and Sarawak instead. The more the merrier for them....They can all dance the Iban Dance in Parliament.

Tell me who is nicer?
You won't have this kind treatment in Singapore.

We don't have any Hindraf-like organisation in Singapore. We have Mendaki and AMP, two self help groups to help the Malays to upgrade themselves. They get financial assistance from the Government. NADA ZERO RIEN to all your other questions Phonont. When the government decided to implement all English medium schools, it was not the Malays who had created a lot of noise, it was them, the Chinese...Singapore's version of Dong whatever, not the Malays....We, Singaporean Malays, we sacrificed a lot for our future generations....we did not want them to be 'ketinggalan'...English is used as a language of instruction in schools, our Mother Tongue subject is taught for a few hours per week (pls check Wikipedia). I am a product of such a system. Malaysians should not be scared to take up the English language. It is a boon not a bane.

Oh, btw, if anyone is not happy in Singapore, he/she can voice it out at Hong Lim Park with trees as listeners or some from the homo sapien species. Be careful though , the police station is just round the corner and you have to inform the authorities beforehand of what you want to talk about....no talk on religion, race or PAP.....don't try to criticize LKY & Co if you don't want to end up as a bankrupt. Anybody who wants to protest noisily, I challenge them to come to Singapore, we'll see what's in store for them. No, they won't dare, folks. They dared to do it in Malaysia because of certain elements in Malaysian political climate which were not stable.

Sorry to say, the Pandora Box had been opened in Malaysia and it is going to take a while for it to be closed back .....maybe you can't even re-close it again, but you guys will have to keep on trying.

I wish you Malaysian Malays (as well as other Malaysians) all the best.



Keseluruhan perbincangan/respon terdahulu dan terbaharu boleh dibaca di ruangan komen blog Demi Negara.

6 ulasan:

Dal berkata...

When we share the first hand experience of others, in this case the Melayu of Singapura, we are made more aware of the atmosphere we here the Melayu of Malaysia are in.

When we are made aware that DAP is PAP, we are made more weary of them, their word and actions, with whom they settle for the night or for tea.

We are very much concerned with the possible plight of the Malays of Malaysia seeing that the gullible Malays of PAS can find it cosy and cuddly bedding with DAP, knowing that this has an irreversible negative effect on the future Malay generations.

Why do I say that?

Can we reverse the plight sustained by the Singapore Malays under the PAP?

Can we safely say that the Penang Malays are now traveling down the same road taken by the Singapore Malays?

Can we take at face value Guan Eng's insistence on quoting lines of the Kisah Para Sahabat Rasulullah s.a.w. in his ceramahs and insisting on having a Malay for DCM1?

The way I see it is that he is flexing his muscles testing how gullible are PAS and Malays. He is giving us a CAUSE for a smile to break on Malay lips, while unseen by us he is taking from us something that will never be returned intact, if at all.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Salam Saudara Kembara Politik,

An enlightening eye opener here from Erniceda.

As it is, Penang is slowly but surely trying to promote the same. As is in Singapore, the small exco portfolios are given to the Malay exco's. Yet the Malays still do not see this.

Pkr has branded itself as the so-called forward Malay thinking party that supposedly opens it's doors to the non-Malays.

As for Pak Lah and gang, I still think they were either directly or indirectly helping Anwar and Pakatan. Pak Lah had opened th floodgates to the questioning of Malay rights. His lembik stance had allowed others to try and renegotiate the social contract.

Whatever agreements made by the founding fathers of this land was done to ensure that our rights were not violated.

As Erniceda had pointed out, the pandora's box opened would take longer to close. The propegators of Malaysian Malaysia bertopengkan Ketuanan Rakyat which in reality is Ketuanan Cina will continue to play this subject to their advantage. More so knowing they have the backing of some of the divided Malays in Pkr and Pas.

As for the politician who mocked us by calling us 'Pendatangs', Tan Lian Hoe of Gerakan, I believe Najib should not have appointed her back to the Cabinet.

A strong firm hand of leadership is now needed. As is in Singapore, some of their approaches should be applied here but in the reverse i.e for the ruling Malays to quash the dissenting minorities since the Chinese here do not seem to complain of the same being done to Malays in Singapore.

The time to be generous is over. Clamp down where necessary.


Tanpa Nama berkata...

Hello Kembara Politik.

I am impressed ....Never thought that you would do it like a post, with links and labels etc ..real cool and professional...

Thank you once again.....

ps ......i thought you had your email address somewhere in your blog before ....but i can't find it now..

Kembara Politik berkata...

Salam Pakcik Dal,
Yeah. I do aware of it, and becoming more aware now. Sadly,we still have the ignorance Malays which can't think wisely. Seems like they never bother if our bangsa's destiny end just like the Singapore Malays.

Kembara Politik berkata...

Salam Tuan Melayu Lama,

Yes. I can't agree more. 100 % precise Sir!

We can seee that the same modus operandi applied here. Jebat Must Die has elaborate on this in his Magnum opus article entitled "Pakatan Rakyat - Kill with a borrowed knife".

Once the Pandora's Box is opened, it's hard to close it back.

Who to blame? Pak Lah & Anwar!

Kembara Politik berkata...

Dear Erniceda,

So sweet! Thank you!

P/S: Yeah, I had it once. Sadly noone care/dare to drop me any. Haha.

[Kembara Politik can be reached at kembarapolitik@yahoo.com]



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